Dad is Dancing with the Star!

Last night we were watching Dancing with the Stars on TV. Laken was nudging me pretty hard really close to the belly button, so I just laid across Chase's lap and had him rest his hand there for a while. He felt her "dance" several times for the very first time! What a special moment for the two of them! He was so excited that he busted out the stethoscope to see if he could hear her heartbeat as well (the books say it will be a few more weeks for that, but we are anxious!) No heartbeats but he could hear her kicks and nudges in the stethoscope. We are having lots of fun with our dancing star!


Half way photo

Chase took this photo of me tonight. My nutritionist wants me to try and gain 13 lbs in 13 weeks! That's a big feet as I have only gained 4lbs during the first half of the pregnancy. With all this eating (6 meals a day) by the end of the day my stomach is extended and hard as a rock. Chase labeled this photo, "Pictured left to right: Laken and Rainy Simpson (my loves)! The last couple of days have been filled with nudges from Laken and I'm loving it! So far she is an active little girl and a joy to hang out with!

Some of you have been asking about the final decision on her middle name. So far we haven't been able to make a decision. I think it is clear that Zoe (pronounced "Zoey") and Rain are the front runners. We are trying to decide between them or calling her Laken Zoe Rain Simpson. We will be sure to let you know. At the end of next week Laken will have her full anatomy scan ultrasound and we will have another photo shoot of her to post!


Half way home

On St. Patrick's Day we went out with friends to Guinness Lis Dun Varna an Irish restaurant in Phoenix. For those of you who know Chase well, he is Irish to the core and loves to speak in an Irish/Scottish accent. I am 50% Irish. So little Laken will be 75%! A super funny thing now was that back in August of last year Chase and I had a psychic reading done in Sedona, AZ. The psychic told us that we would be having our 1st child soon, her name would start with an "L," and she would be red headed and a spit fire! So far the psychic has been 100% accurate!!!

Breaking news: Laken is now half way done baking! We can't wait to meet her in the months to come!


Butterflies and Bubbles

A little over a week ago I was beginning to have sensations in my lower abdomen and wondering if they are Laken. Well they have continued and now I am 100% sure that I am feeling Laken move. Every day she moves a little more. I can't quite accurately describe the feeling, but it feels like I have a butterfly flying around in my tummy or someone is popping bubbles in there:) I feel her most often when I wake up in the morning and after I eat. Sometimes it startles me a little bit. Today at work she was moving and I started laughing and smiling really big! Then I realized that the people around me probably think that I am crazy......but I feel so close to her that I don't even care! It our little secret I guess;) Chase and I can not wait to be able to feel her from the outside!


Grandma Ivy's visit!

Grandma Ivy is here for a visit! She has been having a hard time being away during this exciting time and tells me on the phone, "I can hardly wait to just look at you and your belly." She is able to stay for a long weekend with us. Most of our time has been spent shopping for Laken. Here we are on a day of shopping in Scottsdale. Grandma confirmed that she loves the bedding that Chase and I have picked out at PB kids. She even got Laken a soft mattress for the crib and many outfits. I took her to this really cool Mexican restaurant, Los Olivos in Scottsdale yesterday. In this picture is Grandma Ivy, Mom (Rainy) and Laken (17 weeks in utero)!
We are dreading when Grandma Ivy goes home on Monday.........I'm sure that Laken will miss her too! Below is a picture that mom snuck of me while shopping for Laken.


Laken's Middle Name?

We are having a hard time choosing Laken's middle name! Take the poll on the right side of the screen and help us out. If you have another idea comment this post and we'll consider it too! This week has been really fun knowing that she is going to be a little girl. We've had many conversations about what this and that will be like with her in the years to come. Grandpa Rod is really excited that she is a girl and says, "Little girls always love their Grandpa's!" So many memories to be made with our little family........now we really can not wait until August to meet her in person!


The baby is a...............

We are expecting our daughter
Laken Simpson
August 21st!

Little Laken at 16 weeks! She is already a "damsel in distress" with her hand held on her head!

She was very shy and would not let us see her face! This was the best shot that we could get as she kept smashing her face into the side of the uterus.

She is all curled up and upside down

Her backside, head facing down

On the left is her tummy with her long legs extending from it

Her little footprint!


Daddy Duties and Family Rituals

As soon as we got home from shopping with Grandma Peggy, Daddy started putting together the stroller/carseat combination. He was so excited. He even took it for a couple of strolls around the inside of our place!

That night I made a potato torte for dinner. Usually we mark it with an "S" for Simpson, but while we are waiting for baby I marked it with a "B" like the nursery rhyme: Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man. Bake us a cake as fast as you can. Mix it and prick it and mark it with a "B," and there will be plenty for baby and me!