6 Month Stats

* I have traveled 1/2 way around the sun! My parents can not believe that I am 1/2 a year old now.
* I smile a lot, but not for this photo shoot :) It is harder to get me to sit still long enough to take a picture now.
* I am 17 pounds, 14 ounces.
* I am 26 1/2 inches tall and in the 80th percentile for height and weight.
* I am in Size 3 diapers, and wearing 6-9 month clothing.
* I have two teeth! (my bottom middles)....and I bite everything!
* I touch and hold onto my feet.
* I sit up unassisted for a little bit, and roll both ways.
* I can stand when I hold onto things.
* My hair is getting blonder, and is longer on the left side.
* I eat a variety of stage one foods now: sweet potatoes, yams, apples, pears, peas, bananas, squash, carrots.
* I do not like avocados, water, or juice.
* I am very active now (squirmy and wiggly), somehow scooting around the living room floor, and knocking things out of my parents hands.
* I reach for Dad and Mom, back and forth, as a game.
* My Dad taught me how to pull the ceiling fan light on by pulling the string. Now every time that I walk by that fan I reach for it!
* I suck my right thumb all of the time....so much so that it gets a rash on it;)
* I am a very sweet little girl....I like to cuddle in the morning, and like to take naps with one of my parents.
* I still love to hear music, laugh when you sing my favorite songs, love rough housing with Dad, enjoy playing with water at bath time, and giggle through a baby einstein video every day.
* Sounds I like to make: screaming with glee or when I am bored, a throaty "hhhhaaaaa", raspberry noises, a laugh that sounds like "heh-heh", and many more that are difficult to spell out with the English alphabet;)



Laken is feeling much better today. She took a nap with Chase this afternoon (how precious is that picture)! And she even received a get well teddy bear and balloon bouquet from Grandma Peggy and Aunt Bobbie! She loved playing with the balloons all afternoon.


Under the Weather

My sweet baby is under the weather today. She had her 6 month shots yesterday and does not feel well at all. She woke up this morning balling, and has had several meltdowns today. She does not want to eat, and will only drink her bottles. It is just very sad. This is her conked out in her bouncer, lots of resting going on today. She is taking a nap right now. A little bit ago the mailman knocked. And look what was delivered....

Thank you Aunt Bobbie, the cousins, and Grandma Ivy.......this haul should make her feel better!


1/2 Birthday & Lobby Day

This morning I took a picture of Chase and Laken on the patio. As part of Nurse Anesthesia week, Chase and a couple of his classmates headed down to the capitol building to speak with lobbyists and members of the house and senate regarding the CRNA profession in Arizona. Normally Chase wears scrubs and a surgical hat, so I figured he needed a picture looking all handsome. He wanted Laken to be in the picture because today is her 6 month birthday! He said, "We will tell her that I dressed up for her 1/2 birthday!"


Big Girls Need Big Toys

Laken is such a big girl and was recently bored by her little rattles, stuffed animals and such. So I started a craigslist man hunt for older baby toys. I found a mother of toddler twins who was selling everything from their baby days.....Score! Laken scored a new to her music and play table. I was thinking she would have to grow into it, but she held on tight and started playing with the toys on her own. Such a big girl, standing with support! Of course we always have to be right there though....a few moments after this was taken, she let go and slowly fell backward into my arms just like she knew I would be there.

Family Date Night Topped off with a Sink Bath

Now that we have Laken, all of of our date nights include our baby girl! Everyone says you need time alone as parents, but we just really can't stand to leave her at home and never have (besides the girl needs a reason to wear her cute little dresses out on the town). We can't imagine a night without her. I think she always enjoys it too. Last night we went to Costco (I know exciting, right!) and then went out to dinner. We waited over a half an hour for a table and Laken was just a little peach the whole time. Charming the waitress and the table beside us with her new toothy smile! So maybe Chase had to dance with her for a few minutes while we waited for a table, and I had to feed her a bottle while the food sat in front of me, but it would not have been the same without her their. This is our new life and we are loving every second of it! Since we got home so late, we decided to just rinse Lakers off in the sink. She had not been in the sink since she was a little tiny newborn and thought it was pretty funny!


More Idaho Family

These pictures are from Christmas in Idaho. I accidentally took them on my moms camera and had to had to have her email them to me. This is my Aunt Red and Uncle Denny Arave's family at their daughter Dawn and Lyle Erlewine's house in Orofino. Chase and I took Laken over to meet them and their children Jarrod and Alyssa on Christmas day.


Taking Papa to the Park

On Chase's one day off this week we showed him the special park. Laken wore her sunglasses and showed Papa all of her new tricks on the equipment!



Chase has been trying to put Laken in this Yankee sweater ever since she was 6 lbs! Practically every week he tries it on her and I have to gently let him down, "I think it's a bit too big babe." Whenever I ask what should she wear today? He says, "What about that Yankee hoodie?" Last night we took for a walk to the video store with us and Dad put her in the sweater............it fits!!!


Ladies who lunch.........at the park

I'm so in love with this little girl! She is so sweet and always has a smile on her precious little kissable mouth. Today we walked to a park not far from the condo and ate lunch on a blanket. It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, perfect temperature, and you can smell all of the citrus trees that are heavy with fruit. Lake had so much fun. She played on the blanket, laughed, talked to herself, and was able to swing for the first time. She squealed and giggled in the sunshine! I can't help but think that life can't get much more perfect than this.


Random Cuteness

More Baby Food Adventures

Laken has now tried sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, and avocados. She is still not a big fan of the avocados. I spent this afternoon cooking for her. The freezer is stocked with pureed apples, acorn squash, and yams for the weeks to come. Here are some of her faces from tonight's first encounter with apples. She ended up loving them! Feeding Laken is like taming a wild horse. She eats her bibs, spits the food everywhere, sucks her thumb with food in her mouth, and touches everything ;) We look forward to the laughs every time, and are learning quickly which foods stain!


Captain Bumbo and the Tooth Monster

Lakers and Daddy playing this morning. The tooth monster cut her second tooth today and Captain Bumbo came to her rescue! So cute!


Grandparents Everywhere

We had a surprise visit from Chase's parents and grandparents this week. Laken's Great Grandpa Pat and Great Grandma Lois Butler needed a ride back up to Montana, so Grandpa Gary and Grandma Peggy flew down to meet them in Phoenix (and squeeze in a visit with Laken too ;) This is the first time that Pat and Lois have seen Laken!