9 Month Bloopers

So cute! I love all of the expressions. Photo shoots have turned into an emotional roller coaster rodeo! Click on the collage to make it larger.

9 Month Stats

* Look at that face. I am so busy and it is hard to sit still to have my picture taken!
* I wear 12-18 month clothing, and size 4 diapers.
* I am so close to crawling, I love to be on my hands and knees rocking back and forth. I still crawl backwards.
* I love to stand with help. I take a few steps if you are holding my hands.
* If I fall from a standing position I sit down on my bottom.
* I can wave! Most of the time I use both hands to do it ;) I like to practice clapping too.
* I say "dadaddada dad" and many other combinations of consonants and vowels.
* The silliest things make me laugh.....paper ripping, silly noises, a pair of moms shorts being wiggled up and down like they are alive, being tickled under my chin.
* I love to be outside playing in the grass.
* I like to know where my parents are at all times. I check in and make sure they see me when they are out of sight!
* Bubbles are so much fun! I know exactly where they are in the cupboard.
* I have figured out that my toys that squeak will make loud noises if I hit them against things.
* I want to play with whatever toy you have in your hands. I will drop whatever I am doing to play with what someone else is interested in. Playing is way more fun with others.
* I have many emotions and will let you know when I am frustrated. Lots of expression on my face.
* I imitate noises.
* I am thinking that I am right handed.
* I really like to play with my blocks and popables. My toys that make noises are my favorite.


Tornado Season

There are severe thunderstorms in Little Rock all of the time! And these storms often lead to tornado watches. Sirens go off outside, and the power flashes......the lightning is so fast and furious that it looks like God is playing with the light switch. So this is what we do A LOT in Little Rock.....hang out in the bathroom. Here is Laken and Dad way past her bedtime last night. Try wrestling a 9 month old and keeping her contained to this small room for long periods of time! We have always been safe during these storms. But in the last two weeks 10 people have lost their lives in surrounding communities.


Happy Easter

When a girl has a special Easter dress she has to go out in it! So we took Laken to the river market in Little Rock for some photos this morning. It is a beautiful day!

It is impossible to get a family photo when you live in the South by yourselves! The first is of Laken, Momma, and the littlest Simpson (1/2 way baked). And the second is silly Daddy and Laken.

We finished off the celebrations with brunch at Bosco's on the river.

The Easter Bunny Came!


There are no words

My childhood friend Krissy Lott Darrington lost her youngest daughter Jayci in an accident last night. For anyone who knows Krissy, this is the most heart breaking news that could happen to such a wonderful family. Krissy keeps a blog of her family as well and has given me pointers on blogging family moments. I feel so blessed to have been a reader of her family treasures and stories. I feel like I know her girls and can feel the love that radiates between them in her memories. Thank you Krissy for sharing Jayci's life with friends and family. How special it is that you have recorded your precious moments in blog books. Our hearts ache for the loss of your beautiful girl.

The Easter Bunny

Today we took Laken to see the Easter Bunny. She started out happy as a clam (granted this was at the end of a long line to see the Easter Bunny). But then as we finally neared the front she decided she was starving. So we fed her a bottle and let families pass us in line. Finally her time arrived, and she was content, so content that she was ready for a nap. So needless to say there was not any smiling going on....but droopy sleep eyes!

Just Chillin on a Saturday Morning


The Tooth Monster is BACK

My sweet baby is under attack from the tooth monster. She cut both of her top middles at the same time! Poor kid is moody one second and then when I tickle her the next she gives in with a toothy smile! Of course the almost daily easter presents from Grandparents helps too ;) Every couple of days I get a notice in the mail box that "L.Simpson has a parcel in the office!" Spoiled/Blessed she is!

Side note for moms: Laken loves this little idea I read in a magazine.....which is so simple yet genius. I've been putting miscellaneous things between the clear removable tray and the base on her high chair. Right now it is easter window decals, but some other ideas were family photos, letters, and numbers. She loves it, although now it is harder to get her to look up while eating, and she now chews on the tray for a close up!


Worst Mom of the Year Award......Right Here

It is tornado season in Arkansas. And we are talking crazy weather.....sirens go off at night to run for shelter (this has happened 3 times this week!) So this afternoon the sun was shining and Laken and I were stir crazy. So I packed her up in her stroller and headed for Target in my flip flops (its only 3 blocks away). We had a blast in target, shopping for Aunt Dusty's birthday. We checked out and headed for the starbucks at the front of the store.....so maybe that was 50% of why I was so motivated to go to Target;) And yes I drink coffee when I am pregnant, another merit to add to my award. Then I looked out of the store window [ torrential rains, we are talking monsoons, and lightning ]. Shoppers were quickly gathering around the starbucks tables unwilling to run to their cars in the chaos. Pure panic set in as a giant crack of thunder sent shivers up my spine. I grabbed my coffee and sat by a giant window. I texted Chase and he was in the middle of a heart surgery which means he will not be on his way home for hours. I sat there for an hour with my squirming and increasingly hungry baby. Uh yeah I had not packed a bottle since we weren't planning on an hour break before returning home. Oh and did I mention that I had purchased ice cream bars at Target that were now melting in the stroller basket (a fact that I did not realize until we made it home.) So as the cries intensified and finally the rain had decreased to a drizzle.....I made a brave? decision. I headed for the umbrella isle (which was picked over since it has been a crazy week of weather in Little Rock) and purchased a $16 umbrella. WHAT! In the door of target I made a hillbilly all weather stroller by putting the shade up over Laken and then attaching the $16 umbrella to the side to somewhat cover her. And then I pushed away marching like a soldier in battle. I put my blinders on [do not look at anyone, yes they are all staring at you with shock and awe and thinking you are the worst mom in the world, so just look ahead and own it!] So I did, I pushed my hillbilly all weather stroller home in the rain, in flip flops, visibly pregnant for the 2nd time. And when I made it home, I turned on the TV to a severe thunderstorm warning, and noticed melted ice cream dripping from the bottom of the stroller. Wow.....worst mom of the year award....right here!


The Littlest Bean

Our tiny new addition is now the size of a hand opened wide! Wow this pregnancy is flying by. I had an OB appointment yesterday and heard the babies heart beat again! Unfortunately they do not do the ultrasound here until 20 weeks. So we still do not know the sex. This is very hard for us since we found out at 14 weeks with Laken. We just would like to know...NOW! Hahaha. Can't wait to find out and plan a new nursery and wardrobe, and of course picture our little family. Will we be the parents of 2 little girls.....so close in age that they are bound to be besties? Or will we have one of each and experience the differences that come with gender? Who knows and we can not wait to find out either way!

A is for Apple and Attitude

Laken likes to chew on cold slices of apple. And it gives me a chance to clean up the kitchen ;) She is so busy lately, and developing a little "attitude". She lets us know right away when she does not like something with a loud shriek. If we leave the room we expect at least one squeal and then she settles down. So we've been coming up with creative ways to keep her entertained while we are busy. I decided to pack up her bouncer today......she just does not like to lay back anymore and would rather be scooting around or playing. Such a big girl!


Parks are Fun

~Pictures of the day at a pretty park in Little Rock.


Please Pass the Tissue

[just a little pregnant girl nostalgia and ramblings] Chase and I have been talking a lot lately about Laken's little milestones. And it is such a special understanding between parents. It's the littlest moments that mean so much to only us and it seems to be happening a lot lately. It's the drive home from Walmart when Laken is in her car seat babbling away, "Gagagagaga, [and then wait for it] "DADA!" And Chase and I look at each other with such surprise and happiness. And it's just a look but you know that the other person's heart is melting with joy too! The other day we were out to eat sitting across from each other. Our little bug was between us, pushed up to the table in her high chair. We had a little container of puffs out (yeah she is that cool now!) We look down and she is slowly picking up a puff between her fingers......and then she puts it in her own mouth and feeds herself! Chase and I looked at one another again with pure joy and burst out clapping while smothering Laken in "Yeah's!" I am sure the whole restaurant thought we were off our rockers....but at that moment you just don't hear or notice anyone else in the room. It does not matter when those milestones happen, and no one else would even notice just how special they are, but for a moment the world stops spinning and your heart pools with joy, and those are just the most special moments that I feel blessed to share with my husband and little girl. [cue the kleenex]

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

This is our latest decor.......baby toys and gear everywhere. If you know me well, you know that I love home decor and having a clean and organized home. I have now succumb to the fact that my home may never look the same. And to tell you the truth....I love it!!! There is so much more life in our home now and I would not trade it for anything. Don't get me wrong....I constantly dream of what the next home we buy will look like, and how to accommodate kid decor in a tasteful way. And yes, I already have our babies play room and "kid themed" bathroom designed ;) But in the meantime I am perfectly content with the toys bursting from every seam of furniture and the changing table that dons our living room!


Road Trip to Memphis

Today we went on a road trip to Memphis to see Beale St. A historic and musical part of town. It was really fun, a beautiful day, and only a two and a half hour drive. Laken loved Beale St. I think mostly because of the blues music and bright colors! Isn't that the cutest picture of her in the sun hat! Love it. We are apparently crazy (according to the masses) for not stopping by Graceland.....but as you can see Elvis made an appearance anyhow! We stopped at the Gibson factory for Chase to drool over the $6000+ guitars. And get this........it is 6pm and we are already home! We are officially old and moldy ;)


8 Month Bloopers

(click on the collage to see a larger version)

8 Month Stats

* I wear 12 month clothes, and size 3 diapers.
* I crawl backwards, and get stuck in corners.
* I rarely spit up anymore, and do not get as many tummy aches.
* I drink 5 bottles a day, 3 meals, and practice with a sippy cup of water daily. I really like to try whatever my parents are eating now and let them know!
* I play with my hair.
* I bounce up and down while sitting or when I get excited!
* I have two smiles.....my super genuine open mouthed smile, and the scrunch my face up silly one.
* It is so hard to change my diapers. I want to play with anything in my diaper basket and try to flip over while you are changing me.
* I am all over my crib at night, and flip over back and forth from back to stomach.
* I want to stand all the time, but I need your help.
* I am very adventurous and end up with boo boos.
* I really want to do whatever my parents are doing. Play with cell phones, remotes,keys (the baby versions of these are NOT the same!) I get frustrated when I can not play with them and when I can not have a drink of mom's starbucks.
* I am putting consonants and vowels together. I say things like..."Hi!" on accident!
* I like to hear stories, but need my own book to look at while you read to me.
* I love to rough house with Dad, play with water, listen to music, try new foods, and go for walks. I also like to shop now and sit in the cart!