Update on Baby Riv!

Breaking News: River and I had our first appointment with our new OB Dr. Urquhart in Lewiston. River's heartbeat was 149 and we just started our last trimester together. Lately little Riv has been extremely active.....waking me up 3 nights in a row! He now stretches out and I can see him poke out in two places on my stomach! As far as the pregnancy goes this time I feel blessed to have no gallbladder pain (knock on wood). It seems that I have traded that in for hip pain this time. I literally limp everywhere because my hips are killing me. Both of my OB's are convinced it is related to having two pregnancies so close together.....it is hard on your joints, bones, and body in general. We discussed preterm labor again and are hoping little Riv can bake at least as long as Laken. It is hard to believe that Laken was born 8 weeks from now in terms of pregnancy length. So we just ordered River's bassinet and swing just in case and are fully prepared for him by the end of August. This weekend I am making my last trip to Spokane to finish up buying the necessities for him. I can not wait to meet him and hold him close!

Social Bee

Laken is quite the social bee now that we are back in Idaho! Our schedules are packed catching up with old friends and all of the summer events. Truly Idaho is the most amazing in summer. My best friend Liz Stark came down from Colville to visit us and family for a few days. The first three pictures are of her kids (Easton 2 1/2, and Aava 8 months). Laken really liked Easton since he is so great with babies having a little sister of his own;) Aava and Laken are only 3 months apart (like Liz and I) and enjoyed the water table again. Laken is really getting to know her Grandma and Grandpa Breen. Here she is with Grandma out to lunch. She now reaches for Grandma whenever she stops by, and mauls Grandpa's hats and glasses right off of his head. Today they closed on their house in Lewiston and we are very excited to have them even closer to us! The last two pictures are of my good friend Amanda Wilhelms daughter Savonni 14 months. Laken and her play really well together and in these pictures Laken is supposed to be in bed, however Savonni is feeding her "lil crunchies" (a baby version of cheese puffs). We've seen many other of our friends, but I need to be better about catching pictures of them all together. I know that someday they will treasure them and have a good laugh!


Summer Splash

We bought Laken a water play table for her birthday. But we just could not stand it any longer and had to give it to her early knowing the pure hours of joy it would give her! So we gave it to her today at almost 11 months old. She waited at the french doors with her face pressed against the glass squeeling with glee as Chase set it up! When I opened the door......she crawled right over to it, pulled herself up with the edge, and went to town playing in just her swim diaper. She loved it and is now fast asleep from all of the excitement!



We are missing in action....from our blog that is! So much has happened in our lives over the last two weeks and blogging is the last thing on our minds. So until further posts here is the low down.
* We moved back to Idaho for Chase's last clinical rotation. We've moved into a beautiful rental that still seems too good to be true.
* Yes that means we are "Home" for now and hopefully with a little luck there will be a job opening here soon!
* We are very busy still unpacking and visiting friends and family that we have not seen in a long time. Oh how we missed this!
* Laken is sick for the very first time :( It is quite possibly the saddest thing I have ever experienced. Just the other day I was bragging about her amazing immune system and BAM, within the next few day she has a green snotty nose, a goopy eye, and her first diaper rash from diarrhea. Poor little bug is exhausted.
* It still seems surreal to be back and we are treasuring every minute of it!