River's Registry

At the request of relatives we have finally edited River's registry. Click on the link if you would like to see the last items that we need for his arrival. It is comical how many emails, calls, and texts we receive daily asking if he has made an appearance yet! We promise that we will let you know when he arrives;)


The Next Chapter in Our Crazy Life

Study, wait, study, wait, study, wait.............study for the Anesthesia boards, and wait patiently for the arrival of River! That is what we do day in and day out now. Chase was incredibly lucky and was hired at Tri State Medical Center here in the Valley. This is were he completed his last residency, and the hospital has just transitioned to a new national anesthesia group called Ethos. Ethos hired Chase to work for them at Tri State! Yay we get to the stay in the location of our dreams. After moving all over the country....we can truly say that the best scenery is friends and family! And we feel so blessed to be back home for good! Now that Chase has graduated, he studies every day at a coffee shop in town to prepare for the boards later next month. Here is a picture of Laken stopping in for a visit to rescue Daddy from the books;) He is very excited to "start working for a paycheck" in the near future. But until then study, wait, study, wait......

He Knocks People Out ;)

We proudly announce the graduation of our husband and Dad, Chase Patrick Simpson! He now has his Nurse Anesthesia degree from Midwestern University. What at amazing feat you have accomplished, and we are so grateful for the sacrifices you have made to get here! Who has a quarter life crisis, decides to quit his job, sell his home, and move away just so that he can chase his career and family dreams? Chase that's who! Now his ultimate career goal is reached and we are able to have me stay home with the kids! It was a bumpy road but we made it! And not to mention this guy managed to get a 3.7 GPA in one of the toughest medical programs (while moving multiple times across the country and fathering two children). BRAVO! You are truly a Rock*


We now have a walking milk drinker!

Last week we decided to switch Laken cold turkey from formula to milk. She did wonderfully and is now an exclusive milk drinker! And the next day on August the 8th at 12 1/2 months old she started officially walking! I was lying on the couch beside her watching tv while she played, looked out of the corner of my eye and thought "Did she just take 3 steps?" Yes she did! So I quickly jumped down to her level and she did it over and over again.....so proud of herself! And then she practiced all sorts of new things and had a blast for an hour. She ended up taking the longest afternoon nap after all of this hard work. That evening we took her out to Mexican to celebrate and she noshed on rice and beans like she was famished! And she has been walking around ever since! Oh The Places She Will Go!

Mommy's Little Helper

Laken really likes to "help" us out around the house now. Here she is pushing the broom across the floor after the pumpkin mess this morning. When I clean her room and stock her diapers she pulls the diapers out of their bag and throws them on the floor. When we clean up her toys she throws her blocks and balls around. She enjoys practicing brushing her hair and teeth too! She loves when Dad holds her while he waters the flowers....the best part is sticking her hand in front of the hose.

Pumpkin Face

Laken's new favorite meal = a multigrain waffle with pumpkin butter on top! She hates to have her face dirty but it is so hard to keep the pumpkin in her mouth. She ends up getting frustrated with it and rubs her face with her hands to get it off......and this is the result: a pumpkin face! So kissable isn't she!?!


Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

We are preparing for someone special this week!

I bought this little outfit when I first found out that I was pregnant. Somehow I knew he would be a little boy;) It is now packed in our hospital bag for a cozy outfit in the hospital. I remembered that Laken was too small for the hospital clothes and Chase had to go out and buy her preemie outfits while we were there. This time we are prepared!

This monogrammed wall plaque hangs above River's bassinet! We have seriously been packing it around for over 5 years waiting to hang it up in our son's bedroom someday;)

Here is River's bassinet set up in our bedroom. It is the same one that Laken had and we loved it so much that we have purchased it again for him! I love the soft sage green color and can not wait to lay him in it on his first night at home.

Chase set up River's car seat with his soft and cozy cover. It is in lime green and brightly colored skulls and crossbones. It is now installed so that he will be safe on that first drive home.

River and Laken are sharing a closet. As you can see he already has almost the same amount of clothes as she does;)

This is the outfit that Laken picked out for her "little brother" to wear home from the hospital. It is also size preemie and those precious little socks bring us back to just how tiny he will be.


River's Update

Our little guy has been hanging in there. 2 weeks ago on the 28th of July at 31 1/2 weeks we had a little hickup together in our journey as one. I started to have frequent contractions and bleeding. So Chase and I were admitted to St. Joe's and indeed preterm labor had begun. It was scary to watch the contractions on the monitors and to feel the all to familiar signs of preterm labor. The hospital monitored the progress throughout the night but luckily the contractions decreased to irregular intervals and my cervix did not open. However, River is very low in the pelvis. Unfortunately, the OB that we now see does not "believe" in medications to stop the progression of preterm labor. This is very scary to us as with Laken they were immediately given to me and she was still born a month early. So the next day we went home after a thorough ultrasound to check for any abnormalities that could cause preterm labor. The ultrasound results were great, and River measured well for his age, there was still plenty of fluid, and the chord and placenta were fine. He was extremely low in the pelvis to were a clear photo of his face was impossible. Here are the ultrasound pictures. (Even a smashed glimpse is precious of our little man!) The first is a picture of his smashed nose and lips (the arrow in the middle, top of arrow is his nose, bottom is his lips!). The second photo is of his little fist! He is hanging in there! On the following Monday evening I began to have stronger regular contractions again at 4-5 minutes apart;) And since we now know how things work at St. Joe's when admitted at night for preterm labor (monitor through the night until the Dr. shows up in the morning) we decided to wait until the morning as long as contractions did not increase. I made it and went in the morning. Luckily our OB was on vacation and we were able to see Dr. Bigsby. She examined me and luckily there was still no dilation of the cervix but she said that River was very low in the canal but she was still able to push him back up into the pelvis (OUCH)! She was very nice and fortunately believes in medication to stop the progression of labor. She also explained to us that having pregnancies this close together is an additional risk factor for preterm labor. So we are now on Niphedapine and are so greatful to see that things have slowed down with labor. And so now I only have contractions when I am tired or I am just about to take another dose. We are now hopeful that we can make it just 2 1/2 more weeks from now when River will be 35 weeks and it will be safe to deliver at St. Joes. Stay strong and keep growing son....we are anxious to meet you, but want you to be ready for the world!


3 Peas in a Pod ~ Cousins Summer 2011

Cherridan and Zack got to stay in Idaho for the week after the birthday party. Today was there day to spend with us and stay the night at our house. It was so nice to have them! They both are so good with Laken and she adores them;) She even says Zack now....he loves babies. We went to the Clarkston Aquatic Center, Rooster's Landing, and just finished off the night with Smores Pie. I hope they had fun because we sure did!