5 Month Bloopers

5 Month Stats

* I wear 6-9 month clothing, and Size 3 diapers.
* I have a tooth, my bottom right middle.
* I now eat whole grain rice cereal and sweet potatoes.
* I roll over, but still hate tummy time.
* I like to sit up if you support me at the waste.
* I take baths in the big bath tub with my sister. 
* I love to play in my jumperoo.
* I have lots of chicky fuzz on my head.
* I am all about my toys and love to play with my football, roll my snail on the floor, and chew on all of them;)
* I coo and squeel with delight a lot.  Especially if you tickle my neck or put me high up in the air above you.
* I do not like loud noises......such as my sisters screams.
*  I like to cuddle with blankets and rub them on my face.
* I like to touch my parents faces and play with moms hair.
*  I do not care for my car seat, bumbo, or bouncer.  I like to squirm and wiggle about instead. 

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

Random Cuteness

~5 1/2 months

Snack Time

This kid is such a creature of habit. And let me tell you she is smart as a whip and picking up things left and right. She knows her routine like the back of her hand and when you deviate from it....she will get you right back on track. Lately when we are nearing snack time. She heads for the cupboard, pulls out a plastic container and sets it on the counter for us to fill with her "toddler snacks." She then usually walks around the house carefully eating each morsel from the container. Chase took these pics the other day of her and I think I know just what was happening;)   When she is finished with a meal, she will now tell you, "Awww done!"  (all done in toddlerise;)


These two are becoming quite the pair. River adores Laken and spends much of his day watching her every move. I can just imagine that he is anxiously awaiting the day that he can chase after her. Laken is interacting with him more as he is developing. She likes to say "hi" and "hello" to him as she walks by, he smiles in return. She likes to give him his pacifier, and the other day I found her with a stray baby sock....trying to put it on his foot! She likes to pat his stomach and point out his eyes and belly button. Sometimes if River is crying she runs over to him and he stops. These pictures catch a glimpse of their interactions. I love that he is watching her walk away. 

1st time in the jumperoo....fun!

Last week we busted out the jumperoo for River.  He was a little unsure at first....but quickly grew to love it!  Laken also loves to play with all of the fun toys around it again.  Now River is very cautious when she is around since she has a tendency to shake the whole thing (while he is in it) to try and make the toys go off like she used too;) 

Chase has a picture of Laken in his yankee hat at this age and wanted one of Riv too.  He looks so cute in it!  Check out sissy in the picture below... she has the most fabulous hair.....when we do not fix it she seriously looks like she has a bump it in.  So much volume and it curls just perectly at the ends.

Sneaky Sister

Caught in the act of sneaking some peaches;) 

Guilty or Innocent?

Sophie Love

Sophie and Riv are sure getting along well now that he has cut two teeth;) 

Markers and Stickers


River's First Tooth

Little River got his first tooth today!  It is the bottom right middle tooth.  Riv has been sick with his first cold for the past week......and apparently batting the tooth monster as well!  He busted out a big grin to show off his new grill;)  ~5 months and 3 days old